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Remedial Engineering Services

Services II.

AWARD has a multidisciplinary staff of technical professionals who can respond quickly and provide innovative remedial solutions and regulatory support to the clients. We provide the following remedial services:

  • Remedial investigation / feasibility studies

  • Agency negotiation

  • Permit acquisition

  • Evaluation of clean-up techniques

  • Remedial action plans and cost estimating

  • Remedial construction services

  • Treatment studies and waste stream analysis

  • Soil remediation

- Soil treatment via vapor recovery or extraction with on or off-site treatment and disposal

- In situ fixation and solidification

  • Groundwater remediation

- Groundwater recovery via extraction wells or trenches

- Groundwater treatment via air stripping, steam stripping, carbon adsorption, UV oxidation, or biological treatment

- Discharge of treated groundwater to sanitary or storm sewer

  • Closure management and certification

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