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Phase II - Assessment

Services I. > Environmental Site Assessment

Phase II investigation is designed to characterize the nature and define the extent of any potential soil or ground-water contamination identified in the Phase I assessment.

The Phase II investigation may include the combination of the following:

  • Soil sampling and analysis.

  • Ground-water monitoring and well installation.

  • Ground-water sampling and analysis.

  • Geo-physical surveying for underground structures and pipeline.

  • Underground storage tank tightness testing.

  • Asbestos inspection sampling and analysis.

  • Air-emission monitoring.

  • Surface water or effluent sampling and analysis.

  • Sampling of building materials. light fixtures, transformers and soils for poly-chlorinated biphenyl (PBB).

  • Recommendations and outlines of remedial action alternatives with cost estimated for various options of remedies.

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